Volume 7 / 2015


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ESA Proceedings 2015 Volume 7 Cover


Edited by Fabian Dorsch and Dan-Eugen Ratiu


Table of Contents

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Paul Crowther The Need for Art, and the Aesthetics of the Self: A Copernican Turn 1-21
The Aesthetics Group Turn, Turn, Turn: Civic Instrumentalisation and the Promotion of Autonomy in Contemporary Arts Funding 22-45
Gemma Argüello Manresa Participatory Computer-Based Art and Distributed Creativity: the Case of Tactical Media 46-67
Zsolt Bátori Photographic Deception 68-78
Alessandro Bertinetto Gombrich, Danto, and the Question of Artistic Progress 79-92
Stefan Bird-Pollan Benjamin’s Artwork Essay from a Kantian Perspective 93-103
The Branch Collective Towards Gesture as Aesthetic Strategy 104-114
Camille Buttingsrud Thinking Toes…? Proposing a Reflective Order of Embodied Self-Consciousness in the Aesthetic Subject 115-123
Ilinca Damian On What Lies Beneath the Process of Creation 124-136
Wiebke Deimling Moralism about Propaganda 137-147
Daniel Dohrn According to the Fiction: A Metaexpressivist Account 148-171
Damla Dönmez Saving ‘Disinterestedness’ in Environmental Aesthetics: A Defense against Berleant and Saito 172-187
Luis Eduardo Duarte Valverde Net.Art as Language Games 188-196
Colleen Fitzpatrick Empathy, Anthropormorphism and Embodiment in Vischer’s Contribution to Aesthetics 197-209
Jane Forsey Form and Function: The Dependent Beauty of Design 210-220
James Garrison The Aesthetic Life of Power: Recognition and the Artwork as a Novel ‘Other’ 221-233
Aviv Reiter & Ido Geiger Kant on Form, Function and Decoration 234-245
Carmen González García Facing the Real: Timeless Art and Performative Time 246-258
Nathalie Heinich Beyond Beauty: The Values of Art — Towards an Interdisciplinary Axiology 259-263
Kai-Uwe Hoffmann Thick Aesthetic Concepts — Neue Perspektiven 264-279
Gioia Laura Iannilli The Aesthechnics of Everyday Life: Suggestions for a Reconsideration of Aesthetics in the Age of Wearable Technologies 280-296
Jèssica Jaques Pi Repenser Picasso. Le Désir Attrapé par la Queue et les Iconographies Culinaires de l’Absurde et de la Stupeur 297-316
Mojca Küplen Art and Knowledge: Kant’s Perspective 317-331
Iris Laner Science, Art, and Knowing-How: Merleau-Ponty on the Epistemic Qualities of ‘Experimental Practices’ 332-362
Regina-Nino Mion The Unpredictability of the Political Effect of Art 363-369
Vitor Moura Kundry Must Die — Stage Direction and Authenticity 370-390
Michaela Ott Aesthetics as Dividual Affections 391-405
E. L. Putnam ‘Bring a Camera with You’: The Posthumous Collaboration of Ahmed Basiony and Shady El Noshokaty 406-415
James Risser Sensible Knowing in Kant’s Aesthetics 416-427
Salvador Rubio Marco Philosophizing through Moving-Image Artworks: An Alternative Way Out 428-438
Lisa Katharin Schmalzried Beauty and the Sensory-Dependence-Thesis 439-463
Niklas Sommer Schiller’s Interpretation of the ‘Critique of the Power of Judgement’ — A Proposal 464-475
Tak-Lap Yeung Hannah Arendt’s Interpretation of Kant’s ‘Judgment’ and its Difficulties 476-493
Elena Tavani Giacometti’s ‘Point to the Eye’ and Merleau-Ponty’s Painter 494-511
Daniel Tkatch Transcending Equality: Jacques Rancière and the Sublime in Politics 512-528
Connell Vaughan Authorised Defacement: Lessons from Pasquino 529-551
Oana Vodă Is Gaut’s Cluster Account a Classificatory Account of Art? 552-562
Katarzyna Wejman Plot and Imagination Schemata, Metaphor and Aesthetic Idea — A Ricoeurian Interpretation of the Kantian Concept of Imagination 563-578
Zsófia Zvolenszky Artifactualism and Inadvertent Authorial Creation 579-593
Vladimir Marchenkov The Chronotope in Myth, Epic, and the Novel 594-638
The Aesthetics Group A 100 % Unique Press Conference Appendix

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