Editorial policy

All papers presented at one of the ESA conferences are eligible for inclusion in the proceedings of the respective year. The papers for the conferences are reviewed, selected and edited by the members of the Executive Committee of the European Society for Aesthetics.

The selection for the conference happens through standard blind review (though without the provision of editorial comments). The acceptance rate is about 30 – 50 %.

The current editors of the Proceedings are Connell Vaughan (Dublin) and Vitor Moura (Guimarães). If you would like to contact them, please write to: proceedings[at]eurosa.org.

Despite the 2020 conference cancellation, we hope you would consider contributing your full paper to this year’s proceedings. Please note that this does not prevent you from publishing your paper elsewhere, and that you will retain all rights to your paper. It does however make the paper ineligible for submission to the conference planned for Tallinn in June 2021. There will be a new call for abstracts in the autumn.
The deadline of submission to the proceedings is the 1st November 2020. We aim to publish in January 2021. Papers will be subject to an internal review process.
Please make sure that your paper is submitted in .docx format and conforms to all the style requirements listed on the webpage (‘Submission Guidelines’ on the ESA website). We would greatly appreciate it if you could make sure your papers are adjusted according to the style requirements.
Apart from changes to the layout, the paper will be published in the state in which you send it to us.
So please make sure that you send us the final version of your paper.
We ask that you limit your paper to a maximum of 5,000 words.

The Proceedings are freely accessible, allow for standard citation, possess an ISSN number, and are indexed by EBSCO, the Electronic Journals Database and Google Scholar.

The Proceedings of the European Society of Aesthetics were founded in 2009 by † Fabian Dorsch (Fribourg).