Call for Abstracts

The European Society for Aesthetics invites you to submit an abstract of a paper for presentation at the ESA Annual Conference to be held on 29 June – 1 July 2023 at the House of Music Hungary.

We invite papers from all traditions and on any topic in philosophical aesthetics. Both systematic and historical presentations are acceptable. For each talk, there will be time for a 20–25-minute presentation, with about another 20 minutes designated for discussion. All papers presented at the conference are eligible for publication in the Proceedings of the ESA

Submissions must be long abstracts (800-1200 words in length) presenting not only the main ideas and claims of the paper, but also the arguments in favour of them. We encourage the presentation of submissions in English, but submissions in other major European languages will be considered equally. Full paper submissions will not be accepted, and submissions are limited to one per person. Please, do not exceed the word limit.

Please use the PDF-file format for submission and render your text completely anonymous to allow for blind refereeing, i.e., the names of participants should not be revealed in the proposal. To submit your long abstract, please use the EasyChair online submission system (first-time users will be asked to register with EasyChair).

The deadline for submissions of long abstracts and panel proposals is 16th January 2023. We aim to inform you about the result of our selection process by the end of February.

Call for Panel Proposals

We also invite submission of panels (1200-1500 words in length), which can be dedicated to a specific topic or a recently published book, relevant within the field of aesthetics. Panels should include up to four people and be completely anonymous to allow for blind refereeing, i.e., the names of participants should not be revealed in the proposal. One panel lasts 90 minutes. Panel proposals will be evaluated on an all or nothing basis. In addition to being included in a panel proposal, you can submit an individual long abstract. However, you can only present your own paper (if accepted) in case the panel where you participate is not accepted. 
To propose a panel, please follow the same procedure as described above.

The 2023 Fabian Dorsch ESA Essay Prize Contest Announced

The European Society for Aesthetics awards an essay prize for PhD students and early career scholars (max. three years from the doctorate) in connection with its yearly conference. Former winners of the prize are not eligible to participate. The prize consists of a stipend of 500€. The winning essay will be considered for publication in the journal Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics.

All submissions to the prize must be in English. The selection of the prize winner is in two stages. First, submissions are made by following the general call of the ESA 2023 conference. Please place “(Essay Prize)” after the title of your submission in EasyChair to indicate that you want your submission to be considered for the prize. After the first round of reviews, selected authors are asked to submit a full conference paper (max. 5000 words, including bibliography and footnotes) by April 15th, 2023. The recipient of the prize is selected from this group. We aim to announce the winner by May 15th, 2023.

Additionally to selecting the winning paper, the ESA Essay Prize Committee plans to shortlist up to two more essays out of those who are invited to submit their full conference paper. For each of the shortlisted essays (including the winning one), a commentary by one ESA executive board member (or an invited scholar) will be provided before the conference. The essays, comments, and replies to these by the authors will be presented in a special session at the conference. 

The ESA Essay Prize is named after the co-founder and first secretary of The European Society for Aesthetics, Fabian Dorsch (1974–2017). Former winners include Servaas van der Berg (2017), Mark Windsor (2018), Irene Martínez Marín (2019), Jeremy Page (2020), Nemesio G. C. Puy (2021), and Alex Fisher (2022).

Upcoming Conference

Past Conferences

  • ESA Conference 2022 – Tallinn (→)

Keynote speakers
Emmanuel Alloa: Sharing Perspectives. Points of View in Art and Philosophy
Pauline von Bonsdorff: Aesthetics, Culture and Nature
Virve Sarapik: Aesthetics and Semiotics. Partly Site-specific
  • ESA Conference 2020/2021 – online (→)

Keynote speakers
Bence Nanay: Aesthetic Experience as Achievement
David Davies: Explananda for an Ontology of Multiple Artworks
Erika Fischer-Lichte: Transformative Aesthetics


  • ESA Conference 2019 – Warsaw (→)

Keynote speakers
Hanne Appelqvist: What Can Mere Musical Form Show Us about Reality?
Ruth Sonderegger: Emancipation, normalization, or coercion? Aesthetic education from Kant to Spivak
Lydia Goehr: Painting in Waiting: Prelude to a Critical Philosophy of History and Art


  • ESA Conference 2018 – Maribor (→)

Keynote speakers
Giovanni Matteucci: The (Aesthetic) Extended Mind: From Experience-of to Experience-with
Robert Hopkins: The Sculpted Image
Catrin Misselhorn: Conceptual Knowledge in Literature


  • ESA Conference 2017 – Berlin (→)

Keynote speakers
Hagi Kenaan: Photography: The Visual as an Existential
Dominique Chateau: Art, otherwise than art
Eileen John: Artistic Differences: Disliking and Disagreeing about Art


  • ESA Conference 2016 – Barcelona (→)

Keynote speakers
Lev Kreft: Dandy Socialism
Christoph Menke: The Paradox of Ability and the Value of Beauty
Elisabeth Schellekens: What Do We Owe Beautiful Objects?


  • ESA Conference 2015 – Dublin (→)

Keynote speakers
Paul Crowther: The Need for Art: Substantial Freedom and the Aesthetics of Self-Consciousness
Carole Talon-Hugon: Artialisation of Emotions
Francisca Perez Carreño: Keep reading. Aesthetic experience and literary interpretation


  • ESA Conference 2014 – Amsterdam (→)

Keynote speakers
Martin Seel: Active Passivity: On the Aesthetic Variant of Freedom
Berys Gaut: Culture and Creativity
Maarten Doorman: The Romantic Order and the Unabatable Belief in Autonomy


  • ESA conference 2013 – Prague (→)

Keynote speakers
Tomáš Hlobil: 250 Years of Aesthetics at Prague University: How the History of the Teaching of Aesthetics Has Evaded Its Historians
Paolo D’Angelo: Aesthetics as Philosophy of Experience
Maria Elisabeth Reicher- Marek: Actual meaning objectivism


  • ESA conference 2012 – Guimarães (→)

Keynote speakers
Krystyna Wilkoszewska: Transcultural Studies in Aesthetics: The Ups and Downs
Noël Carroll: The Creative Audience: Some Ways in which Readers, Viewers, and/or Listeners Use their Imaginations to Engage Fictional Artworks
Mário Jorge de Carvalho: A Further Point of View on Points of View


  • ESA conference 2011 – Grenoble (→)

Keynote speakers
Roger Pouivet: Modal Aesthetics
Josef Füchtl: Produced and Nevertheless True: On Heroes, Stars, and an Aesthetics of Presence
Christel Fricke: Aesthetic Ways of Worldmaking
Gerard Vilar: Some Paradoxes of De-Artification and Rancière’s Art Philosophy


  • ESA conference 2010 – Udine (→)

Keynote speakers
Sergio Givone: About a narrative way of thinking
Lambert Wiesing: Pause of participation. On the function of artificial presence
John Hyman: Is resemblance a relation?
Thierry de Duve: On negativity in Kant’s Third Critique


  • ESA conference 2009 – Fribourg (→)


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