ESA Conference: 2021 date announced

Tallinn (Estonia): June 2021

The European Society of Aesthetics conference is to take place in Tallinn on June 21 – 23 2021. Please, save the date.


As our next conference will now be next year, we have decided to re-open the call for abstracts in the autumn (with a closing date in January 2021 as normal) since we cannot guarantee that all our participants who were hoping to attend this year will want to/be able to attend next year. You are very welcome to resubmit the same abstract again or submit something entirely new (we appreciate that just because lots of events have been cancelled, this doesn’t mean that research stops!). We will issue clearer guidance about resubmission in the autumn to help make this as smooth a process as possible being both fair to those who had their abstract already accepted as well as those who were intending to come to ESA 2021 before this issue arose.