Volume 9 / 2017

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Edited by Dan-Eugen Ratiu and Connell Vaughan

Table of Contents

Complete Volume

Claire Anscomb Does a Mechanistic Etiology Reduce Artistic Agency? 1-14
Emanuele Arielli Aesthetic Opacity 15-31
Zsolt Bátori The Ineffability of Musical Content: Is Verbalisation in Principle Impossible? 32-45
Marta Benenti Expressive Experience and Imagination 46-72
Pía Cordero Towards an Aesthetics of Misalignment. Notes on Husserl’s Structural Model of Aesthetic Consciousness 73-88
Koray Değirmenci Photographic Indexicality and Referentiality in the Digital Age 89-115
Stefan Deines On the Plurality of the Arts 116-127
Laura Di Summa-Knoop Aesthetics and Ethics: On the Power of Aesthetic Features 128-146
Benjamin Evans Beginning with Boredom: Jean-Baptiste Du Bos’s Approach to the Arts 147-159
Paul Giladi Embodied Meaning and Art as Sense-Making: A Critique of Beiser’s Interpretation of the ‘End of Art Thesis’ 160-182
Lisa Giombini Conserving the Original: Authenticity in Art Restoration 183-201
Moran Godess Riccitelli The Aesthetic Dimension of Moral Faith: On the Connection between Aesthetic Experience and the Moral Proof of God in Immanuel Kant’s Third Critique 202-218
Carlo Guareschi Painting and Perception of Nature: Merleau-Ponty’s Aesthetical Contribution to the Contemporary Debate on Nature 219-233
Amelia Hruby A Call to Freedom: Schiller’s Aesthetic Dimension and the Objectification of Aesthetics 234-245
Xiaoyan Hu The Dialectic of Consciousness and Unconsciousnes in Spontaneity of Genius: A Comparison between Classical Chinese Aesthetics and Kantian Ideas 246-274
Einav Katan-Schmid Dancing Metaphors; Creative Thinking within Bodily Movements 275-290
Lev Kreft All About Janez Janša 291-304
Efi Kyprianidou Empathy for the Depicted 305-332
Stefano Marino Ideas Pertaining to a Phenomenological Aesthetics of Fashion and Play : The Contribution of Eugen Fink 333-361
Miloš Miladinov Relation Between Education and Beauty in Plato’s Philosophy 362-374
Philip Mills Perspectival Poetics: Poetry After Nietzsche and Wittgenstein 375-384
Alain Patrick Olivier Hegel’s Last Lectures on Aesthetics in Berlin 1828/29 and the Contemporary Debates on the End of Art 385-397
Michaela Ott ‘Afropolitanism’ as an Example of Contemporary Aesthetics 398-411
Levno Plato Kant’s Ideal of Beauty: as the Symbol of the Morally Good and as a Source of Aesthetic Normativity 412-437
Carlos Portales Dissonance and Subjective Dissent in Leibniz’s Aesthetics 438-452
Isabelle Rieusset-Lemarié Aesthetics as Politics: Kant’s Heuristic Insights Beyond Rancière’s Ambivalences 453-478
Matthew Rowe The Artwork Process and the Theory Spectrum 479-499
Salvador Rubio Marco The Cutting Effect: a Contribution to Moderate Contextualism in Aesthetics 500-509
Marcello Ruta Horowitz Does Not Repeat Either! Free Improvisation, Repeatability and Normativity 510-532
Lisa Katharin Schmalzried “All Grace is Beautiful, but not all that is Beautiful is Grace.” A Critical Look at Schiller’s View on Human Beauty 533-554
Judith Siegmund Purposiveness and Sociality of Artistic Action in the Writings of John Dewey 555-565
Janne Vanhanen An Aesthetics of Noise? On the Definition and Experience of Noise in a Musical Context 566-579
Carlos Vara Sánchez The Temporality of Aesthetic Entrainment: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Gadamer’s Concept of Tarrying 580-590
Iris Vidmar A Portrait of the Artist as a Gifted Man: What Lies in the Mind of a Genius? 591-614
Alberto Voltolini Contours, Attention and Illusion 615-628
Weijia Wang Kant’s Mathematical Sublime and Aesthetic Estimation of Extensive Magnitude 629-653
Zhuofei Wang ‘Atmosphere’ as a Core Concept of Weather Aesthetics 654-665