Volume 13 / 2021


Edited by Vítor Moura and Connell Vaughan

Table of Contents

Complete Volume

Emanuele Arielli Extended Aesthetics: Art and Artificial Intelligence 1-13
Alessandro Bertinetto The Aesthetic Paradox of Artistic Improvisation (and its Solution) 14-28
Vanessa Brassey The Pictorial Narrator 29-42
Remei Capdevila-Werning and Sanna Lehtinen A First Approach to Intergenerational Aesthetics: Theoretical Stakes, Practical Examples, and Future Research Avenues 43-58
Yi Ding A Brief History of the Reception of Laocoon in China: From the
Perspective of the “Poetical Picture”
Rosa María Fernández García Hermeneutic Truth in Contemporary Opera 69-89
Jèssica Jacques Pi On Deconstruction and Construction in Picasso’s Las Meninas: Political Reasons for Death Exorcisms in the 1957 Barcelona Suite 90-99
Monika Jovanović Beyond Internalism / Externalism Dispute on Aesthetic Experience: A Return to Kant 100-111
Darío Loja A Brief Insight into the Musical Role of Non-Tonal Aspects 112-124
Washington Morales Maciel Literary Cognitive Benefits as Undecidable Mental Models 125-133
Salvador Rubio Marco Novels and Moral Knowledge: Henry James Evaluating Guy de Maupassant 134-147
Philip Mills Viral Poetics in Manuel Joseph’s Baisetioles 148-159
Mojca Puncer Virus as Metaphor: The Art World Under Pandemia 160-172
Karel Stibral Johann Georg Sulzer – A Forgotten Father of Environmental Aesthetics 173-188
Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow Using Philosophy of Technology to Talk about Art 189-200