ESA Conference Programme 2022

All sessions are in the Eastern European Time Zone (Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga)

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28.06.2022/ Tuesday

9.30-10.00 Opening

10.00-11.30 Plenary Session Emmanuel Alloa
Title: tba
Chair: Francisca Pérez Carreño

11.30-12.00 Coffee break (A-500)

28.06.2022 TuesdayPhilosophy of Photography
Chair: Alberto Voltolini
Philosophy of Art
Chair: Alessandro Bertinetto
Topics in the History of Aesthetics I
Chair: Jakub Stejskal
Aesthetic Matters I
Chair: Matilde Carrasco Barranco
12.00-12.45Zsolt Bátori
Photographic Abstraction
Aviv Reiter
Wittgenstein and the Threat of Private Meaning in Art
David Collins
Post-Romantic Conceptions of Artistic Expression: Dewey, Collingwood, and Merleau-Ponty
Eva Schürmann
The Topicality of Whitehead’s Aesthetics
12.45-13.30Marta Maliszewska
Epistemic Injustice and Somaesthetics in Photography
Nemesio G. C. Puy
Ethical Issues on Musical Appropriation
Viviana Galletta
The Laocoön and the Devil:
A Path through the Franciscus Hemsterhuis’ Letter on Sculpture
Vitor Guerreiro
No Such Thing as Art: Skill, Form and Human Experience

13.30-15.00 Lunch break (MAP)

28.06.2022 TuesdayAesthetics and the Anthropocene
Chair: Iris Vidmar Jovanović
Aesthetics and Critical Theory
Chair: Elena Tavani
Aesthetics and Feminist Theory
Chair: Adam Andrzejewski
Aesthetic Matters II
Chair: Daniel Martin Feige
15.00-15.45Marta Benenti and Lisa Giombini
Persuasive Narratives. Fiction in the Time of Climate Change
Elettra Villani
The Category of the Aesthetic.
Considerations on Theodor W. Adorno’s Lecture of Kierkegaard
Jana Kukaine
Gut Feelings and Visceral Aesthetics in Postsocialist Feminism
Uku Tooming
Is the Value of Good Bad Art a Solitary Value?
15.45-16.30Asmus Trautsch
The Problem of Scale for Art in the Anthropocene
Rolando Vitali
The Aesthetic Field as Social Mediation. Adorno and Benjamin and the Aesthetic Critique of Everyday Life
Philip Mills
Viral Poetics and Queer Theory:
Paul Preciado, Maggie Nelson, Kae Tempest
Nathan Wildman
Formal Fictional Truths, Glitches, and Missingno

16.30-16.45 Coffee break (A-500)

28.06.2022Tuesday  PANEL
Chair: Daniel Martin Feige
Aesthetics, Digitality and the Future
Chair: Vítor Moura
Philosophy of Theatre  
Chair: Iris Vidmar Jovanović
Aesthetic Matters III
Chair: Zsolt Bátori
16.45-17.30Pauline von Bonsdorff, Anu Besson, Johan Kalmanlehto and Kaisa Mäki-Petäjä
Aesthetic Practices: Perspectives on Temporality
Rahma Khazam
Matter and Machines
Matthew DeCoursey
On the Two Artistic Media of the Play Text    
Kari Silvola
A Darkroom of our own –
The Limits of Knowing in the Written Portraits of a Hockey Player, Model and Tom of Finland
17.30-18.15 (the panel continues)Gerard Vilar
Artists Researching into the Future
Clive Cazeaux
The Contradiction of Audio Drama
Sonia Emilia Mihai
Ontological Experience and Users’ Identity in Digital Body Interactive Installations

18.15-18.30 Coffee break (A-500)

18.30-20.00 ESA Assembly (for all participants and members of the ESA society)

29.06.2022/ Wednesday

29.06.2022 WednesdayAesthetic Reasons and Actions
Chair: Adam Andrzejewski
Aesthetics of Design
Chair: Connell Vaughan
Philosophy of Pictures
Chair: Vítor Moura

Aesthetic Matters IV
Chair: Elena Tavani
9.30-10.15María José Alcaraz León
Aesthetic Reasons:
What They Can Do and What They Cannot Do
Michalle Gal
Visualism: The Case of Metaphors (with some examples from design)  
Sacha Behrend
Principles for a Syncretic Theory of Pictures
Daan Evers
Aesthetic Assertions without Personal Acquaintance    
10.15-11.00Daniel Martin Feige
Musical Improvisation as a Challenge to Anscombian Action Theory    
Monika Favara-Kurkowski
The Emancipatory Role of Misuse in the Aesthetic Theory of Design  
Alberto Voltolini
Ordinary Perception and Pictorial Perception
Christopher Earley
Adrian Piper’s Epistemic Activism
11.00-11.45Alessandro Bertinetto
Aesthetic Norms as Habits: Reasons for Situated Aesthetic Normativity    
Thomas Symeonidis
Designing Worlds: Explorations of the Possible Structures of the Aesthetic in Jacques Rancière  
Renen Amir
The Image is Outstretched, without Knowing it: It Image in a Post Aesthetic Regime
Mark Windsor
Feeling through Things

11.45-12.00 Coffee break (A-500)

29.06.2022 WednesdayPANEL
Chair: Daniel Martin Feige
Philosophy of Film
Chair: Eva Schürmann
Aesthetic Concepts I
Chair: Adam Andrzejewski
Aesthetic Matters V
Chair: María José Alcaraz León
12.00-12.45Jakob Deibl, Kurt Appel and Daniel Kuran
The Beautiful, the Sublime and the Open. Aesthetic Approaches to Religion in Kant, Hegel and Hölderlin  
Pol Capdevila
Mood in Cinema. Towards a Unified Form of Time  
Matilde Carrasco Barranco
Performative Beauty as Artistic Beauty  
Filippo Contesi, Enrico Terrone, Marta Campdelacreu, Ramón Garcia-Moya and Genoveva Martí
The Paradox of Taste to the Experimental Test
12.45-13.30   (the panel continues)Pioter Shmugliakov
The Passage of an Idea:
Philosophical Film Criticism and Phenomenology of Love in the Wake of Alain Badiou
Aurélie Debaene
This is Awkward: On the Aesthetic Value of Awkwardness in Portraiture
Levno Plato
Aesthetic Normativity in Legal Judgements

13.30-15.00 Lunch break (MAP)

15.00-16.30 Plenary Session Pauline von Bonsdorff
Title: tba
Chair: Elena Tavani

16.30-16.45 Coffee break (A-500)

29.06.2022 WednesdayAesthetic and the Social
Chair: Adam Andrzejewski
Philosophy of Music
Chair: Daniel Martin Feige
Aesthetic Concepts II
Chair: Pauline von Bonsdorff
Aesthetic Matters VI
Chair: Francisca Pérez Carreño
16.45-17.30    Elena Romagnoli
A new Social Role for Art?
Gadamer and Dewey in Dialogue  
Eran Guter
The Paradox of Sad Music:
A Quietist Approach  
Lorenzo Gineprini
The Uncanniness of the Ordinary as an Aesthetic Category  
Hassan Ali
Rosebud: Exploring the Wellesian Shot through Deleuzian Temporality
17.30-18.15    Šárka Lojdová
Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art and Social Oppression: Arthur Danto’s
Vision of a Pluralistic Artworld as a Model for an Equal Society  
Elzė Sigutė Mikalonytė
Semantic Externalism and Musical Works  
Ancuta Mortu
Aesthetic Recollection  
Jason Holt
Self-Referential Aesthetics in the Art of Leonard Cohen

19.00-19.45 Presentation ‘Estonian Art Theory 100’ and visit to the KUMU exhibition ‘Landscapes of Identity: Estonian Art 1700–1945’ KUMU Art Museum (Weizenbergi 34, Tallinn). See the MAP

19.45-21.00 Conference Dinner (registration and payment)
KUMU Art Museum (Weizenbergi 34, Tallinn). See the MAP

30.06.2022/ Thursday

30.06.2022 ThursdayPhilosophy of Literature
Chair: Francisca Pérez Carreño
Philosophy of Landscape and Architecture
Chair: Elisa Caldarola
Everyday Aesthetics
Chair: Pauline von Bonsdorff
Aesthetic Matters VII
Chair: Elena Tavani
9.30-10.15  Italo Testa
Anaphoras. For a Theory of Poetry  
Alberto L. Siani
Landscape Character: Some Pragmatist Concerns
Lucía Jiménez Sánchez
Aesthetic Normativity in Everyday Acts of Appreciation
Onerva Kiianlinna
Aesthetic Gadgets and Predictive Minds:
Universalism in Evolutionary Aesthetics Today
10.15-11.00  Kalle Puolakka
Growing with Literary Oeuvres  
Ken Wilder
On Blindness and Architecture:
Recasting Susanne Langer’s Virtuality as ‘Felt Space’
Nélio Conceição
Walking through Everyday Life:
Between Attention, Disruption and Defamiliarization
Catherine Robb, Alfred Archer and Georgina Mills
Aesthetic Power
11.00-11.45  Martino Manca
An Ergodic Pleasure: Sensible Aspects of Reading  
Jakub Stejskal
Monumentality and Art History
Federico Fantelli
The Faces of Caricature
Alfonso Hoyos Morales
A Phenomenological Review of the Concept of Natural Beauty

11.45-12.00 Coffee break (A-500)

30.06.2022 ThursdayPANEL
Chair: Connell Vaughan
Philosophy of the Arts
Chair: Iris Vidmar Jovanović
Topics in the History of Aesthetics II
Chair: Vítor Moura
Aesthetic Matters VIII
Chair: Francisca Pérez Carreño
12.00-12.45  Ken Wilder, Elisa Caldarola and Enrico Terrone
Beholding: Situated Art and the Aesthetics of Reception
Lauren Stephens
A Sartrean Look at Art
Adrián Kvokačka
The Sublime Redivivus. Kant’s Legacy for Contemporary Art  
María Jimena Clavel Vázquez and Adriana Clavel-Vázquez
The Rhythm of the Eye: Expectations, Imagination, and Aesthetic Perception
12.45-13.30  (the panel continues)Salvador Rubio Marco
“Can Poems Do Philosophy?”: The Philosopher as a Sportsman of the Mind  
Andrew Huddleston
The Afterlife of the Sacred: Rothko’s Chapel  
Lisa Schmalzried
Kitschy Kitsch and Kitschy Art:
Kitsch as an Aesthetic Category and an Aesthetic Property

13.30-15.00 Lunch break (MAP)

30.06.2022 ThursdayAesthetics and the Future
Chair: Uku Tooming
Aesthetic Experience
Chair: Pauline von Bonsdorff
Aesthetics of Video Games
Chair: Connell Vaughan
Aesthetic Matters IX
Chair: Salvador Rubio Marco
15.00-15.45Claire Anscomb
Automating Aesthetic Choices: How Does AI Affect Human Creativity?  
Federica Gregoratto
Aesthetic Transformative Experience. A Pragmatist Outline  
Karl Egerton
Games and Disinterestedness  
Alex Fisher
In Defence of Fictional Examples
15.45-16.30Mona Tärk
Skin of Stones, And How Art Can Make Us Think More Ecologically
Natxo Navarro Renalias
The Unreflective Everyday Aesthetic Experience  
Nele Van de Mosselaer
Virtual Fictions: On the Representational Aspects of Videogame Door  
Radu Bumbăcea
The Subjective Knowledge Theory. A Defense

16.30-16.45 Coffee break (A-500)

16.45-18.15 Plenary Session Virve Sarapik
Title: tba
Chair: Regina-Nino Mion

01.07.2022/ Friday

Visit to Arvo Pärt Centre (registration and payment)

11:00 – departure from the Estonian Academy of Arts (Põhja pst 7, Tallinn)
11:45 – arrival at the Arvo Pärt Centre
14:00 – departure from the Arvo Pärt Centre
14:45 – arrival at the Estonian Academy of Arts (Põhja pst 7, Tallinn)
15:00 – arrival at the Port of Tallinn – Terminal A
15:10 – arrival at the Port of Tallinn – Terminal D
15:30 – arrival at Tallinn Airport