Volume 8 / 2016


ESA Proceedings 2016 Volume 8 Cover


Edited by Fabian Dorsch and Dan-Eugen Ratiu


Table of Contents

Complete Volume


Lev Kreft Dandy Socialism 1-23
Robert Elliot Allinson An Aesthetic Theory in Four Dimensions: Collingwood and Beyond 24-37
Cécile Angelini How to Judge a Work of Art Today? Contemporary Echoes of Kantian Aesthetics 38-64
Emanuele Arielli Notes on the Self- Manipulation of Taste 65-78
Zsolt Bátori Categories of Photography 79-88
Rudi Capra Botturas Not-roast Guineafowl. Three Arguments Supporting the Artistic Status of Cuisine 89-103
Stephen Chadwick Artistic Astronomical Photographs and Representation 104-121
Damla Dönmez The Environmental Sublime: From Aesthetics to Ethics 122-145
Petteri Enroth The Cruelty of Form? Notes on the Social-Theoretical Aspects of Adornos Aesthetics 146-163
Jonathan Fine Beauty Before the Eyes of Others 164-176
Eran Guter Toward an Aesthetics of New-Media Environments 177-189
Peter Hajnal Medium and Materiality: Stanley Cavells Navist Theory of Art 190-246
Xiaoyan Hu The Notion of Qi Yun (Spirit Consonance) in Chinese Painting 247-268
Gioia Laura Iannilli Everyday Aesthetics: Institutionalization and Normative Turn 269-287
Jèssica Jaques A Philosophical Reading of Brillat-Savarins ‘The Physiology of Taste’ 288-304
Ancuta Mortu Marginal Attention and the Aesthetic Effect of Inconspicuous Art 305-319
Caterina Moruzzi An Alternative Account of the Ontology of Musical Works: Defending Musical Stage Theory 320-335
Vítor Moura Testing the Blending 336-353
Néill O’Dwyer Death and Ecstasy: Reflections on a Technological Sublime 354-376
Michael O’Hara Tracing the Invisible 377-392
Salvador Rubio Marco Expressiveness, Ineffability, and Comparisons 393-403
Gabriele Schimmenti The Young Marx between the End of Art and the Future of Art 404-416
Pioter Shmugliakov Heideggers Conception of Art and Cavells Hollywood 417-431
Niklas Sommer Beauty, Grace and Morality in Schiller’s On Grace and Dignity 432-442
Paul Stephan Nietzsches Non-Aesthetics. Nietzsches Radical Critique of Traditional Aesthetics 443-470
Alexander Stern Aboutness and Aura: Toward a Benjaminian Critique of Danto 471-479
Elena Tavani Image Character in Installation Art Practices 480-493
Enrico Terrone To Be Assessed. Peter Strawson on the Definition of Art 494-514
Cristina Travanini Aesthetic Value Judgements and the Challenge to Objectivity 515-526
Connell Vaughan Statecraft: Vandalism and Iconoclasm in the Digital Age 527-544
Iris Vidmar Challenges of Philosophical Art 545-569
Alberto Voltolini Seeing-in Is Not Seeing-Through 570-590
Tanya Whitehouse Ruin Porn and the Change in Function of Ruined Architecture: An Analysis 591-624
Ken Wilder Michael Hanekes ‘Caché (Hidden)’ and Wolfgang Iser’s ‘Blank’ 625-636
Zsófia Zvolenszky Fictional Names, Rigidity, and the Inverse-Sinatra Principle 637-650