Volume 6 / 2014


ESA Proceedings 2014 Volume 6 Cover


Edited by Fabian Dorsch and Dan-Eugen Ratiu


Table of Contents

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Christian G. Allesch An Early Concept of ‘Psychological Aesthetics’ in the ‘Age of Aesthetics’ 1-12
Martine Berenpas The Monstrous Nature of Art — Levinas on Art, Time and Irresponsibility 13-23
Alicia Bermejo Salar Is Moderate Intentionalism Necessary? 24-36
Nuno Crespo Forgetting Architecture — Investigations into the Poetic Experience of Architecture 37-51
Alexandre Declos The Aesthetic and Cognitive Value of Surprise 52-69
Thomas Dworschak What We Do When We Ask What Music Is 70-82
Clodagh Emoe Inaesthetics — Re-configuring Aesthetics for Contemporary Art 83-113
Noel Fitzpatrick Symbolic Misery and Aesthetics — Bernard Stiegler 114-128
Carlo Maria Fossaluzza &         Ian Verstegen An Ontological Turn in the Philosophy of Photography 129-141
Philip Freytag The Contamination of Content and the Question of the Frame 142-157
Rob van Gerwen Artists’ Experiments and Our Issues with Them — Toward a Layered Definition of Art Practice 158-180
Geert Gooskens Immersion 181-189
James R. Hamilton The ‘Uncanny Valley’ and Spectating Animated Objects 190-207
Iris Laner Learning by Viewing — Towards a Phenomenological Understanding of the Practical Value of Aesthetic Experience 208-228
Jerrold Levinson Blagues Immorales 229-244
Shelby L. J. Moser Perceiving Digital Interactivity — Applying Kendall Walton’s ‘Categories of Art’ to Computer Art 245-257
Vítor Moura Seeing-From — Imagined Viewing and the Role of Hideouts in Theatre 258-275
Lynn Parrish Tensions in Hegelian Architectural Analysis — A Re-Conception of the Spatial Notions of the Sacred and Profane 276-285
Francesca Pérez Carreño Sentimentality as an Ethical and Aesthetic Fault 286-304
Christopher Poole The Fall of Reason and the Rise of Aesthetics 305-315
Mateusz Salwa The Garden — Between Art and Ecology 316-327
Lisa Katharin Schmalzried Kant on Human Beauty 328-343
Albert van der Schoot Musical Sublimity and Infinite Sehnsucht — E.T.A. Hoffmann on the Way from Kant to Schopenhauer 344-354
Pioter Shmugliakov Transcendentality of Art in Kant’s Third Critique 355-366
Kristina Soldati Meaningful Exemplification — On Yvonne Rainer’s ‘Trio A’ 367-378
Valerijs Vinogradovs Kant’s Multiplicity 379-401
Ken Wilder Las Meninas, Alois Riegl, and the ‘Problem’ of Group Portraiture 402-421
Mark Windsor Art and Magic, or, The Affective Power of Images 422-435
Pavel Zahrádka Does “Great” Art Exist? A Critique of the Axiological Foundations of the Artistic Canon 436-456
Zsófia Zvolenszky Artifactualism and Authorial Creation 457-469