Volume 3 / 2011

Edited by Fabian Dorsch, Jakub Stejskal and John Zeimbekis

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Table of Contents

Josef Früchtl Made and Yet True. On the Aesthetics of the Presence of the Heroic 1-14
Roger Pouivet Modal Aesthetics 15-27
Gerard Vilar Some Paradoxes of Deartification and Rancière’s Philosophy of Art 28-50
Claudia Elisa Annovazzi Le Témoignage des Images: Une Interprétation Esthétique de Ricœur 51-66
Zsolt Bátori Image and Imagination 67-80
Alessandro Bertinetto Improvisation and Artistic Creativity* (Newer Version) 81-103
Carsten Friberg Contemporary Culture and
Aesthetic Education
Geert Gooskens The Digital Challenge: Photographic Realism Revisited 115-125
Krzysztof Guczalski Expressiveness as a Quality and as the Expression of a Fictive Subject 126-138
Jay Hetrick Aisthesis in Radical Empiricism: Gustav Fechner’s Psychophysics and Experimental Aesthetics 139-153
Lev Kreft Hook to the Chin 154-166
Birgit Leitner Ernst Cassirer and (?) the Bauhaus: The Question of Functional Aesthetics 167-209
Frank Maet Back to Kant after Gadamer and Derrida: Some New Considerations Concerning Art and its Truth 210-219
Jennifer A. McMahon Aesthetic Autonomy: Tracing the Kantian Legacy to Olafur Eliasson 220-234
Berta M. Pérez Aesthetics without Autonomy: Heidegger and Adorno 235-252
Salvador Rubio Marco       Comprendre en Art: Aspects et Raisons dans les Jugements Esthétiques 253-266
Ronald Shusterman Æsthetic Effects and Determinism 267-280
Connell Vaughan Institutional Change, the Concept of the Avant-Garde and the Example of Graffiti 281-293
Ken Wilder Michael Fried and Beholding Video Art 294-315

* This paper has subsequently been published elsewhere. Please cite the linked newer version.