Volume 2 / 2010

Edited by Alessandro Bertinetto, Fabian Dorsch and Cain Todd

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Table of Contents

Inma Álvarez Natural and Artistic Bodies in Dance 1-19
Elvio Baccarini Reflective Equilibrium, Art and Moral Knowledge 20-33
Zsolt Bátori Genre Identification and the Case of Horror 34-45
Elisa Caldarola Pictorial Representation and Abstract Pictures 46-61
Rafael De Clercq Reflections on a Sofa-Bed: Functional Beauty and Looking Fit 62-77
Wiebke Deimling Imaginary Works of Art and Real Emotions 78-87
Verena Delle Donne How Can We Explain Beauty? A Psychological Answer to a Philosophical Question 88-99
Mădălina Diaconu Urban Drifting as a Work Method of the Creative Class 100-112
Richard Eldridge Hegel as a Philosopher of Modern Art 113-124
Daniel Martin Feige Art as Reflexive Practice 125-142
Josef Früchtl Exhibiting or Presenting? Politics, Aesthetics and Mysticism in Benjamin’s and Deleuze’s Concepts of Cinema 143-160
José Juan González A Philosophy of Art in Plato’s Republic: an Analysis of Collingwood’s Proposal 161-177
Keren Gorodeisky Schematizing without a Concept? Imagine that! 178-192
Anke Haarmann Artistic Research: A Tool of Cognition Parallel to Philosophy? 193-208
Andrew Inkpin The Nonconceptual Content of Paintings 209-223
Hanna Kim Impossible Metaphors or Why ‘Beautiful’ Can’t Be Used Metaphorically 224-243
Vladimir Konečni Aesthetic Trinity Theory and the Sublime* (Newer Version) 244-264
Lev Kreft Aristotle and Cricket 265-277
Stefano Marino Philosophy and / as Literature: Some Remarks on Theodor W. Adorno and Richard Rorty 278-301
Alberto Martinengo Metaphor and Canon in Paul Ricoeur: From an Aesthetic Point of View 302-311
Jukka Mikkonen Implicit Assertions in Literary Fiction 312-330
Roberto Morani Della Natura e Funzione dell’Arte nel Sistema di Hegel 331-347
Vítor Moura The Cinematic Muthos 348-360
Cristian Nae Communicability and Empathy: Sensus Communis and the Idea of the Sublime in Dialogical Aesthetics 361-385
Eva Perez de Vega Experiencing Built Space: Affect and Movement 386-409
Dan-Eugen Raţiu After the “Death of Art”: Is there any Life for Aesthetics? 410-426
Miles Rind The Concept of Interest and Kant’s Distinction between the Beautiful and the Agreeable 427-442
Peter Rinderle Solving the Antinomy between the Aesthetics and the Politics of Music 443-453
James Schmidt Cenotaphs in Sound: Catastrophe, Memory, and Musical Memorials 454-478
Eva Schürmann Transitions from Seeing to Thinking: On the Relation of Perception, Worldview and World-Disclosure 479-491
Marta Tafalla From Allen Carlson to Richard Long: The Art-Based Appreciation of Nature 491-515
Iris Vidmar Against the Cognitive Triviality of Art 516-531
Ken Wilder Neither Here Nor Elsewhere: Displacement Devices in Representing the Supernatural 532-543

* This paper has subsequently been published elsewhere. Please cite the linked newer version.