Volume 11 / 2019

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Edited by Connell Vaughan and Iris Vidmar Jovanović

Table of Contents

Complete Volume

Lydia Goehr [Keynote Paper] Painting in Waiting Prelude to a Critical Philosophy of History and Art 1-30
Lucas Amoriello (Non)Identity: Adorno and the Constitution of Art 31-42
Claire Anscomb Photography, Digital Technology, and Hybrid Art Forms 43-59
Emanuele Arielli  Strategies of Irreproducibility 60-76
Katerina Bantinaki, Fotini Vassiliou, Anna Antaloudaki, Alexandra Athanasiadou Plato’s Images: Addressing the Clash between Method and Critique 77-105
Christoph Brunner & Ines Kleesattel Aesthetics of the Earth. Reframing Relational Aesthetics Considering Critical Ecologies 106-126
Matilde Carrasco Barranco Laughing at Ugly People. On Humour as the Antitheses of Human Beauty 127-159
Rona Cohen The Body Aesthetic 160-173
Pia Cordero Phenomenology and Documentary Photography. Some Reflections on Husserl’s Theory of Image 174-193
Gianluigi Dallarda Kant and Hume on Aesthetic Normativity 194-213
Aurélie Debaene Posing Skill: The Art Model as Creative Agent 214-231
Caitlin Dolan Seeing Things in Pictures: Is a Depicted Object a Visible Thing? 232-248
Lisa Giombini Perceiving Authenticity: Style Recognition in Aesthetic Appreciation 249-271
Matthew E. Gladden Beyond Buildings: A Systems-Theoretical Phenomenological Aesthetics of “Impossible” Architectural Structures for Computer Games 272-318
Moran Godess-Riccitelli From Natural Beauty to Moral Theology: Aesthetic Experience, Moral Ideal, and God in Immanuel Kant’s Third Critique 319-338
Xiaoyan Hu The Moral Dimension of Qiyun Aesthetics and Some Kantian Resonances 339-374
Jèssica Jaques Pi Idées esthétiques et théâtre engagé: Les quatre petites filles de Pablo Picasso 375-398
Palle Leth  When Juliet Was the Sun: Metaphor as Play 399-430
Šárka Lojdová Between Dreams and Perception – Danto’s Revisited Definition of Art in the Light of Costello’s Criticism 431-447
Sarah Loselani Kiernan The ‘End of Art’ and Art’s Modernity 448-482
Marta Maliszewska The Images between Iconoclasm and Iconophilia – War against War by Ernst Friedrich 483-505
Salvador Rubio Marco Imagination, Possibilities and Aspects in Literary Fiction 506-521
Fabrice Métais Relational Aesthetics and Experience of Otherness 522-540
Philip Mills The Force(s) of Poetry 540-555
Yaiza Ágata Bocos Mirabella “How Food can be Art?” Eating as an Aesthetic Practice. A Research Proposal 556-574
Zoltán Papp ‘In General’ On the Epistemological Mission of Kant’s Doctrine of Taste 575-621
Dan Eugen Ratiu Everyday Aesthetics and its Dissents: the Experiencing Self, Intersubjectivity, and Life-World 622-649
Matthew Rowe The Use of Imaginary Artworks within Thought Experiments in the Philosophy of Art 650-671
Ronald Shusterman To Be a Bat: Can Art Objectify the Subjective? 672-699
Sue Spaid To Be Performed: Recognizing Presentations of Visual Art as Goodmanean ‘Instances’ 700-727
Małgorzata A. Szyszkowska The Experience of Music: From Everyday Sounds to Aesthetic Enjoyment 728-747
Polona Tratnik Biotechnological Art Performing with Living Microbiological Cultures 748-765
Michael Young Appreciation and Evaluative Criticism: Making the Case for Television Aesthetics 766-780
Jens Dam Ziska Artificial Creativity and Generative Adversarial Networks 781-800