Call for Applications: 14 positions Doctoral researchers (m/f/d)

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Date(s): 22. April
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The Graduiertenkolleg (Research Training Group) 2638 addresses questions regarding the connection between norms and their critique, as well as the link between norms and social change. The aim is to examine specific structures of normative practices shared by the arts, law, religion, language, and morality. The research agenda of the Graduiertenkolleg follows the hypothesis that the application of a rule in the full sense always involves critically reflecting on it. Therefore, the application of norms is bound up with their transformation. The Graduiertenkolleg investigates this transformative aspect of normativity in the mentioned contexts and analyzes the respective commonalities and differences. The Graduiertenkolleg’s question opens up an interdisciplinary comparison of normative practices from a critical and transcultural perspective.

The Graduiertenkolleg is designed to cover a wide disciplinary range, crucial for addressing its foundational theoretical theme. It brings together the expertise of 14 professors from the fields of art history, dance studies, film studies, law, linguistics, literature, musicology, philosophy, religious studies, and theater studies. Early-stage researchers in these fields are invited to apply. The Graduiertenkolleg forms a bilingual context (German/English). We invite international applicants, explicitly including those from the so-called Global South, to apply, while considering the mentioned language requirements.

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