ESA Conference Programme 2024

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06.06.2024/ Thursday

9:30–10:00 Opening
Welcome by Pauline von Bonsdorff, President of the European Society for Aesthetics
Welcome by Paolo D’Angelo, President of the Società Italiana di Estetica
Room 1.1

10:00–11:30 Keynote Session
Hans Maes
Take it Personally: Reflections on Existential Aesthetics
Chair: Pauline von Bonsdorff
Room 1.1

11:30–12:00 Coffee Break

Essay Prize Panel I
Chair: Regina-Nino Mion
Room 1.1
Music I
Chair: María José Alcaraz León
Room 1.4
Art History and Conservation
Chair: Maria De Vivo
Room 1.5
Aesthetics and Epistemology
Chair: Tereza Hadravová
Room 1.3
12:00–12:45Essay Prize Winner
Beatriz de Almeida Rodrigues

Is AI Art Created by AI?

Response: Tone Roald
Nemesio G. C. Puy
Re-Defining Music: Contemporary and Methodological Challenges
Camilla Palazzolo
Contemporary Art and the Challenge of Conservation
Jens Dam Ziska
The Indexical and the Gestural
12:45–13:30(the panel continues)Vitor Guerreiro
Framing Resemblances:
On Goodman and Musical Expressiveness
Jakub Stejskal
Art-Historical Empiricism and Digital Art History
Christopher Earley
Exemption and Opacity:
Art, Science, and Epistemic Discipline

13:30–15:00 Lunch Break

06.06.2024 ThursdayImagination 
Chair: Iris Vidmar Jovanović
Room 1.1
Music II
Chair: Vítor Moura
Room 1.4
Aesthetic Perception
Chair: Elena Tavani
Room 1.5
Aesthetic Practices 
Chair: Tereza Hadravová
Room  1.3
15:00–15:45Irene Lonigro
Are Cantian and Wontian Theories Truly Incompatible? Towards a Unified Account of Imaginative Resistance
Federico Lauria
The Epistemic Value of Sad Music:  Reflection as a Motivation to Listen to Sad Music
Ken Wilder
Blindness and the Ontology of Sculpture: Revisiting the Tactility or Opticality Debate
Clara Campuzano Gómez
Aesthetic Discussions and Normativity: The Role of Justification in Aesthetic Judgement
15:45–16:30Emanuele Capozziello
Ecological Imagination as Critical Immersion into the Complexity of the World
Elvira Di Bona and Stefano Ercolino
Listening to Atmospheres
Melanie Reichert
On the
Aesthetic Epistemology of Scarcity: bell hooks, Karl Marx, Jean Baudrillard
Lola Martínez-Pons Ortuño
Is Attunement a Solution to the Antinomy of Taste?

16:30–17:00 Coffee Break

06.06.2024 ThursdayPictures 
Chair: María José Alcaraz León
Room 1.1
Chair: Aurosa Alison
Room 1.4
Chair: Connell Vaughan
Room 1.5
History of Aesthetics I 
Chair: Tereza Hadravová
Room 1.3
17:00–17:45Alberto Voltolini
Perception of (Depicted) Absences
Borbala Jasz
Limitations of Acquaintance in Architectural Meaning Construction
Jukka Mikkonen and Kaisa Raatikainen
Aesthetics in Biodiversity Conservation
Luigi Laino
Der Wille zur Gestaltung. Cassirer’s Transcendental Aesthetics in the Mirror of Nietzsche’s Philosophy
17:45–18:30Enrico Terrone
The Artifactual Theory of Depiction: From Paintings and Sculptures to Virtual Reality
Filip Mattens
Eye Candy and the Verve of Architectural Drawing
Mariagrazia Portera
Who’s Afraid of the Aesthetic Bias? The Emerging Role of Aesthetics in Contemporary Biological Conservation Strategies
Adele Rugini
The »Beautiful Democracy« in Adriano Olivetti’s Thought

18:30–18:45 Break

18:45–19:45 ESA Assembly (for all participants and members of the ESA)
Room 1.1

07.06.2024/ Friday

07.06.2024 FridayHeidegger 
Chair: Dan Ratiu
Room 1.1
Digital Arts
Chair: Jakub Stejskal
Room 1.4
Affect and Emotion
Chair: Vítor Moura
Room 1.5
Session: History of Aesthetics II
Chair: Tereza Hadravová
Room 1.3
9:30–10:15Andrea Vitangeli
On the Sui Generis Character of Artistic Experience in Heidegger’s Engagement with van Gogh
Zsolt Batori
AI-generated Photo-based Images: Their Ontological Status and Interpretation
Mark Windsor
The Uncanny as Anti-Sublime
Botond Csuka
Rococo Aesthetics: Hogarth’s Aesthetics of Design
10:15–11:00Pioter Shmugliakov
Art and Truth-Regionality in Hegel, Badiou, and Heidegger
Nick Young (and Luca Marchetti)
The Aesthetic Specificity of Virtual Reality
Emily Williamson
The Cognitive Value of Discrepant Affective Responses to Artworks
Leonardo Lenner
The Analogy between Poetry and Painting in Giambattista Vico’s Letter to Gherardo degli Angiol
11:00–11:45Clemens Carl Härle
Kunst und Raum. Benjamin – Merleau-Ponty – Heidegger
Ben Campion
What is Photographic about Videogame Photography?
Sue Spaid
Values vs Emotions: How Artworks ›Move Us‹ to Change
Pablo Genazzano
Aesthetics of Nonbeing. Moses Mendelssohn’s Theory of Mixed Sentiments

11:45–12:15 Coffee Break

07.06.2024 FridayDe-Colonisation 
Chair: Pauline von Bonsdorff
Room 1.1
Narratives/Literature I
Chair: Onerva Kiianlinna
Room 1.4
Chair: Elena Tavani
Room 1.5
Aesthetic Experiences
Chair: Connell Vaughan
Room 1.3
12:15–13:00Lisa Giombini
Repatriating Art: Aesthetic Activation and the Role of Context
Efi Kyprianidou
On the Road to Virtuousness: Should we Empathise with Rough Heroines?
Irene Olivero
Artworks and Artifacts: The Metaphysical and Epistemological Implications of AI-Driven Creative Technologies
Voica Puscasiu
The Impact of Aesthetics on the Reception of Art in Public Spaces
13:00–13:45Emmanuel Carrillo
Corridos and Aesthetic Narrative
Gerard Vilar
Artistic Research and the Future. A Defence of Proleptic Realism
Vinicius de Aguiar
The Relevance of AI for Music Aesthetics: A Historical Perspective
Nicholas Wiltsher
In Defence of the Dilettante

13:45–15:30 Lunch Break

15:30–17:00 Keynote Session
Tone Roald
Pleasure in Aesthetic Experience. An Investigation in Phenomenological Psychology
Chair: Elena Tavani
Room: 1.1

17:00–17:30 Coffee Break

07.06.2024 FridayEssay Prize Panel II
Chair: Regina-Nino Mion
Room 1.1
Chair: Pauline von Bonsdorff
Room 1.4
Chair: Elena Tavani
Room 1.5
Fictions I
Chair: Vítor Moura
Room 1.3
17:00–17:45Essay Prize Finalist
Vincenzo Grasso
The Aspectuality of Literary Works

Response: Stefano Velotti
Laura Fumagalli
On the Object of Nature Aesthetics
Emanuele Arielli
Perceived Effort in Aesthetic Appreciation: From Avant-Garde to AI
Lucy Psaila
A Puzzle about Fictional Points of View
17:45–18:30(the panel continues)Lorenzo De Stefano
The creativity of AI. A Post-phenomenological Comparison between
AI generated Content and Exquisite Worker AI Surrealism
Christoph Haffter
Fictional Spaces

20:00 Conference Dinner (Venue tba) (registration and payment)


08.06.2024/ Saturday

08.06.2024 SaturdayWittgensteinian Aesthetics
Chair: Jochen Schuff
Room 1.1
Narratives/Literature II
Chair: Francisca Pérez Carreño
Room 1.4
Aesthetics and Ethics
Chair: Pauline von Bonsdorff
Room 1.5
Chair: Iris Vidmar Jovanović
Room 1.3
9:30–10:15Luca Zanetti
»Aesthetically, the miracle is that the world exists«. Wittgenstein on Aesthetic Experience
Aneta Benešová
Feeling Immersed in a Narrative: Problem of Immersion from the Point of View of Fictional Worlds Theory and Second Generation Cognitive Science
Diarmuid Costello
Wrongful, Degrading, or Merely Indecent? Exploitation in three Works by Santiago Sierra
Onerva Kiianlinna
Beyond Philosophical and Empirical Aesthetics?
10:15–11:00Salvador Rubio Marco
Making Someone See an Aspect is not Persuading
Emilio M. Sanfilippo, (Claudio Masolo and Roberta Ferrario)
Literary Investigations: Characters and Interpretation Practices
Matilde Carrasco-Barranco
Reciprocity in the Aesthetics of Care
Jacopo Frascaroli
Predictive Processing and Philosophical Aesthetics
11:00–11:45Reza Hosseini
Ethics and Aesthetics in Wittgenstein’s Literary Style
Martino Manca
Sense Without (Semantic) Meaning? The Case of Asemic Writing
Radu Bumbăcea
Cognitive Immoralism. A Restatement
Bin Liu
The Correspondence Theory of Aesthetic Appreciation in Pragmatist Aesthetics

11:45–12:15 Coffee Break

08.06.2024 SaturdayEveryday Aesthetics I
Chair: Connell Vaughan
Room 1.1
Chair: Jochen Schuff
Room 1.4
Fictions II
Chair: Iris Vidmar Jovanović
Room 1.5
History of Aesthetics III
Chair: Elena Tavani
Room 1.3
12:15–13:00Dan Ratiu
Everynight Aesthetics: what would be Different from Everyday Aesthetics?
Francisca Pérez-Carreño
Taste and Art Criticism
Michele Paolini Paoletti
The Identity of Fictional Entities and the Place of Authors
Allonzo Murríel Perez
Being Judged, Judging Being: On the Aesthetic Representation of Purposiveness in Kant’s Third Critique
13:00–13:45Uku Tooming
Play It Again: On the Enjoyment of Comfort Food and Pop Songs
Marta Benenti
Perceptual Learning and Aesthetic Criticism
Celia Coll
The Truth About Historical Fiction
Giuliano Covetti
The Artistic and the Real. Schiller’s Aesthetic Theory in the Eyes of Lukács

13:45–15.00 Lunch Break

15:00–16:30 Keynote Session
Stefano Velotti
Out of Control
Chair: Regina-Nino Mion
Room 1.1

16:30–17:00 Coffee Break

Essay Prize Panel III 
Chair: Regina-Nino Mion
Room 1.1
Dance & Film
Chair: María José Alcaraz León
Room 1.4
Everyday Aesthetics II 
Chair: Aurosa Alison
Room 1.5
History of Aesthetics IV
Chair: Jochen Schuff
Room 1.3
17:00–17:45Essay Prize Finalist
Natxo Navarro Renalias
Everyday Aesthetics Under the Radar: Reflecting on Reflectiveness

Response: Dan Ratiu
Serena Massimo
Between Dancing and »Being Danced«. Learning a Dance as a Form of »Aesthetic Sense« Emergence
Alfonso Hoyos Morales
Everyday Aesthetics from the Perspective of Merleau-Ponty and Lévinas
Eran Guter
Cavell as a Philosopher of Music
17:45–18:30 (the panel continues)Silvia Bahl
Visual Justice, the Inhuman and the Figurative Force of Film
Elena Romagnoli
Gadamerian Hermeneutics and Everyday Aesthetics.
The Language of the Ordinary between Occasion and Repetition
Lennart Posch
The Logics of Feeling