Volume 10 / 2018

Edited by Connell Vaughan and Iris Vidmar

Table of Contents

Complete Volume

Claire Anscomb The Epistemic Value of Photographs in the Age of New Theory 1-18
Marco Arienti Some Concerns with Experientialism about Depiction: the Case of Separation seeing-in 19-34
Marta Benenti and Giovanna Fazzuoli Experiencing the Making Paintings by Paolo Cotani, Marcia Hafif and Robert Ryman 35-54
Larissa Berger The Felt Syllogism of Taste – a Reading of Kant’s Sensus Communis 55-77
Nicolò Pietro Cangini Prose and Life. A Comparison between Hegel’s Aesthetics and Romantic’s Poetics 78-92
Pol Capdevila Poetics of History in Contemporary Art 93-121
Stephen Chamberlain Literary Realism and the Significance of Life 122-152
Melvin Chen To Chuck or Not to Chuck? Túngara Frogs & Evolutionary Responses to the Puzzle of Natural Beauty 153-166
Zoë Cunliffe Epistemic Injustice and the Role of Narrative Fiction 167-179
Laura T. Di Summa-Knoop Defining Fashion: Novelty, Play, and Identity 180-203
Daniel Dohrn Art avant la Lèttre 204-211
Nemesio García-Carril Puy Against Hazlett’s Argument: Musical Works Qua Types are Modally Flexible Entities 212-234
Lisa Giombini Material Authenticity in Conservation Theory 235-259
Vitor Guerreiro The Unity of Our Aesthetic Life: A Crazy Suggestion 260-288
Eran Guter and Inbal Guter A Critique of Langer’s View of Musical Temporality 289-307
Valentina Hribar Sorčan La Vie et la Mémoire 308-328
Eda Keskin Everyday Aesthetics and Empathy Development 329-342
Lev Kreft From Universalism to Singularity, from Singularity to Moralization 343-358
Gloria Luque Moya Experiencing the Extraordinary of the Ordinary 359-380
Jerzy Luty Do Animals Make Art or the Evolutionary Continuity of Species 381-399
Giovanni Matteucci The (Aesthetic) Extended Mind: Aesthetics from Experience-of to Experience-with 400-429
Philip Mills The Politics of Poetic Language: An Analysis of Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville 430-443
Washington Morales Naturalization and Reification of the Human Global Subjective Experience in Some Forms of Scientific and Technological Art 444-458
Ancuta Mortu Aesthetic Cognition and Art History 459-481
Dan O’Brien Cubism and Kant 482-506
Una Popović The Birthplace of Aesthetics: Baumgarten on Aesthetical Concepts and Art Experience 507-523
Matthew Rowe Minimalism: Empirical and Contextual, Aesthetic and Artistic 524-543
Salvador Rubio Marco Manipulating the Spectator’s Moral Judgments: a Criticism of the Cognitivist Approach in Cinema 544-556
Marcello Ruta Hermeneutics and the Performative Turn; The Unfruitfulness of a Complementary Characterisation 557-597
Sue Spaid Are Art and Life Experiences “Mostly Perceptual” or “Largely Extra-perceptual” 598-619
Daniela Šterbáková John Cage’s 4′ 33′′: Unhappy Theory, Meaningful Gesture 620-642
Polona Tratnik Challenging the Biopolitical through Animal-Human Hybridization 643-658
Andreas Vrahimis Aesthetics, Scientism, and Ordinary Language: A Comparison between Wittgenstein and Heidegger 659-684
Weijia Wang Kant’s Two Approaches to the Connection between Beauty and Morality 685-697
Ken Wilder Rosalind Krauss: From ‘Sculpture in the Expanded Field’ to the ‘Spectacle’ of Installation Art 698-721
Mark Windsor Tales of Dread 722-736
Lorraine Yeung Art and Life: The Value of Horror Experience 737-763