Volume 5 / 2013


ESA Proceedings 2014 Volume 6 Cover


Edited by Fabian Dorsch and Dan-Eugen Ratiu


Table of Contents


Paolo D’Angelo Aesthetics as Philosophy of Experience 1-18
Tomáš Hlobil 250 Years of Aesthetics at Prague University — How the History of the Teaching of Aesthetics Has Evaded Historians 19-33
Maria E. Reicher Actualist Meaning Objectivism 34-52
Adam Andrzejewski Artification and the Ontology of Art 53-66
Alfred Archer Aesthetic Judgements and Motivation 67-85
Tibor Bárány “This is not Art” — Should we go Revisionist about Works of Art? 86-99
Alicia Bermejo Salar The Analogy between Artistic and Linguistic Meaning — The Linguistic Model of Intentionalism Revisited 100-119
Alessandro Bertinetto On Artistic Luck 120-140
Stefan Bird-Pollan Taking People as People — Kant, Judgments of Beauty and Judgments of Morality 141-149
Aléxia Bretas The Eternal Return of the New — The Aesthetics of Fashion in Walter Benjamin 150-162
Remei Capdevila-Werning Constructing the Absent — Preservation and Restoration of Architecture 163-177
Robert R. Clewis Tracing Beauty and Reflective Judgment in Kant’s Lectures 178-192
David Collins Expressing a Certain Vision — James, Collingwood and the Value of Artistic Pursuits 193-205
Damla Dönmez Collingwood and “Art Proper” — From Idealism to Consistency 206-220
Gene Fendt Ancient Poetics and Kantian Judgments of the Beautiful 221-236
Jane Forsey Appraising the Ordinary — Tension in Everyday Aesthetics 237-245
Gülizar Karahan Balya The ‘Death’ of the Artist — A Nietzschean Approach to Aesthetics 246-259
Mojca Kuplen The Aesthetic of Ugliness — A Kantian Perspective 260-279
Regina-Nino Kurg The Conflicts Within Depiction 280-287
Ling Zhu The Tension Structures of Consciousness as the Subject of Art — An Interpretation of the Central Thesis of Susanne Langer’s Aesthetic Theory 288-301
Alberto Martinengo From the Linguistic Turn to the Pictorial Turn — Hermeneutics Facing the ‘Third Copernican Revolution’ 302-312
Sophie Menasse Reflective Taste — In-Between Logical-Rational Objectivity and Emotional Subjectivity 313-325
Annelies Monseré Disentangling Borderline Cases of Art 326-337
Francisca Pérez Carreño Expressiveness without Expression? Lopes and Robinson on Pictorial Expression 338-355
Matthew Rowe Experience and Testimony in the Criticism of Conceptual Art 356-371
Mateusz Salwa The Garden as a Performance 372-387
Ulrich Seeberg Das Sehen der Blinden. Derrida als Kunsttheoretiker 388-406
Ronald Shusterman Less than Greek — Art, Perfection and Metaethics (On Berys Gaut) 407-423
Mario Slugan Some Reflections on Bazin’s and Cavell’s Ontologies of Film 424-441
Kristina Soldati Dance-Specific Aspects in the Tradition of the Symbol Theory of Nelson Goodman 442-454
Mihály Szilágyi-Gál Aesthetics and Rhetorics in the Leviathan 455-465
Elena Tavani Hannah Arendt — Aesthetics and Politics of Appearance 466-475
Enrico Terrone Originally Nested — Seeing Picdows in Pictures 476-486
Mélissa Thériault Of Hume and Omnivores — A Contemporary Look at the Notion of Taste 487-497
Daniel Jerónimo Tobón Giraldo On Art, Compassion, and Memory 498-513
Mónica Uribe Perception and Interpretation in the Aesthetic Experience of Art 514-523
Connell Vaughan Public Galleries — the Politicised Nature of Public-ness in Contemporary Art Practice and Aesthetic Theory 524-538
Mario Videira Kant et la Pensée Musicale du Romantisme Allemand 539-555
Aaron Yarmel Explanations in Music Theory — Lessons from Biology and Physical Geology 556-575
Pavel Zahrádka A Critique of Aesthetic Hierarchism and its Consequences for the Theory of Art, Art Criticism and Aesthetic Axiology 576-596
Zsófia Zvolenszky Abstract Artifact Theory about Fictional Characters Defended — Why Sainsbury’s Category-Mistake Objection is Mistaken 597-612
Lisa Katharin Schmalzried Inner Beauty — The Friendship-Hypothesis 613-635