Australasian Philosophical Review: Join the Open Peer Community of “The Pleasure of Art”

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Date(s): 01. February
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The Australasian Association of Philosophy is launching a new journal — the Australasian Philosophical Review — in 2017. The new journal is an open peer commentary journal. The first issue of the journal (March 2017) has a target article by Mohan Matthen called “The Pleasure of Art”, and invited commentaries by Paul Guyer, Cynthia Freeland, and Robert Sinnerbrink. The curator — ‘appointed editor’ — for this issue is Jenny McMahon.

We shall be issuing a call to our Open Peer Community early in 2016 for a round of open peer commentary on the target article (and the invited commentaries). Before then, however, we need to build the Open Peer Community. Access to the target article and the invited commentaries depends upon sign up to the Open Peer Community; it will be made via a web platform that is being built by the publishers of the journal.

In order to register to receive our calls for open commentary proposals–and, importantly, in order to have access to the target article and invited commentaries–you need to send the following three pieces of information in an email to with”APR Open Peer Commentary Community” as the Subject line:

1. Your full name

2. Your institutional email address

3. Your institutional affiliation

If you do not have an institutional affiliation, please write “independent scholar” against 3. In this case, please give the one among your email addresses that it likely to be most enduring at 2.